Harry Webne-Behrman

Special guest

Harry Webne-Behrman is a facilitator, consultant, educator, and mediator. Along with his wife, Lisa Webne-Behrman, he was Senior Partner of Collaborative Initiative, Inc., a private consulting and mediation firm based in Madison, Wisconsin, for over twenty-five years. Harry has worked with hundreds of businesses, schools, community groups and public agencies. Harry also worked with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teaching professional courses on conflict management, communication skills, facilitation skills, managerial mediation and other areas, most recently serving as founding Director of the HR Communities of Practice Office from 2015-17. In November 2006, Harry received the Wisconsin Association of Mediators Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his extensive contributions to the field. He is the author of What Matters at Work, The Practice of Facilitation, and other training manuals in facilitation and conflict resolution. Harry currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

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