#TrendingJewish 6: The Family Secret

November 21st, 2017 · 37 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

Bryan, Rachael and guest Rabbi Jordan Gendra go medieval, medieval history that is. The Barcelona-born Gendra delves into Spanish history, including the 15th century roots to the recent standoff surrounding Catalan separatism. Bryan and the rabbi get into a friendly debate whether there are analogies between the independence movement in Barcelona and the secession of the South that led to the American Civil War. Oh, and he also charts his own journey from converso to Reconstructionist Rabbi and how that’s helped him reach Jews outside the mainstream.

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  • 'Converso': Out of the Shadows and Into the Rabbinate - Jewish Exponent — Though Jordi Gendra wasn't really raised with any sense of religion, as a young boy growing up in Barcelona, Spain, he didn't eat pork, he lit candles for the deceased and, though he didn't pray, he knew that if he ever were to, he'd have to cover his head. He also knew that what he was – Jewish – had to be kept a secret from the outside world.
  • Spanish Bombs