Sukkot: What’s Divorce Got to Do with It?

Episode 45 · September 28th, 2023 · 1 hr 11 mins

About this Episode

Divorce may be normal, but, in too many Jewish communities, it hasn’t been normalized. This episode features Ariel Collis and Reb. Ezra Weinberg, who each have experienced divorce and been underwhelmed by the response within their Jewish communities and are advocating for change (12:40). In the conversation, Collis and Weinberg imagine what more embracing responses might look like: from organizing meal trains and Shabbat invitations to, possibly, including divorce announcements in synagogue bulletins. Weinberg talks about his work with the group he’s founded: Revoice, a Journey of Discovery for Jewish Families After Divorce. At the top of the show, executive producer Jacob Staub shares experiences from his own painful divorce. He also speaks about connections between Sukkot and divorce, including the holiday’s focus on impermanence and the tradition of inviting guests into our sukkot.

Theme song, “Ilu Finu” by Rabbi Miriam Margles. Her album This is the Day is available for purchase at CDBaby:

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